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Snow Removal

Section 5 hires a private contractor to help with snow removal each winter.

If the forecast calls for snow or ice, the best place to park your car/cars is ALWAYS in your driveway.

If you must leave your vehicle parked on the street, it must be parked on the even house-numbered side of streets. This is not required on Leland Street, but still encouraged.

As you know, our streets are narrow, and such parking is necessary for plowing and sanding operations. Signs are posted accordingly.

Please also remember the following important restrictions:

  • Park at least 35 feet from an intersection.
  • Park at least 30 feet from a stop sign.
  • Park at least 15 feet from a fire hydrant.
  • Park at least 5 feet from a private driveway.

As a general rule, Section 5's crew will shovel the PUBLIC sidewalks if snowfall reaches more than two inches.

There are some exceptions to this rule in that if ice or freezing rain is expected, the decision may be made to NOT shovel since snow mixed with ice provides much more traction, than straight ice. Shoveling will start once snowfall ceases. In most cases, if snowfall stops early to late evening, crews will be out first thing the next morning. In the case of heavy snow, this may take time.

All residents are strongly encouraged to be good neighbors by clearing the driveways and entrances of their home, as well as assisting those who may not be physically able to do so once snowfall stops.

Montgomery County requires that property owners clear their driveways and entrances to their homes within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm.

If the snowfall is deep, please also clear a safe path to your household trash or leave household trash curbside on trash collection days.

In the event of a power outage, it is important for all residents to call the following number: PEPCO AT 1 877-PEPCO62 or 1 877-737-2662. If power is restored then goes out again in a matter of minutes, you need to call a second time so that the new outage is registered.