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Date: October 13, 2020

Place: Conference Call Only Due to COVID-19

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Greg Chernack, Pat Xeller, Maryann Luongo, Philip Giordano, Josh Galper, Ashley Kavanaugh, Ron Bolt, Joe Toomey, Lacey and Lisa Rice, Eric Tidd from Cas Engineering, and several Section 5 residents

Agenda Item: Greetings and Introductions

Chairman Greg Chernack called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance.

Agenda Item: Review and Approval of September Council Meeting Minutes

Chairman Chernack moved that the minutes from the September meeting be approved; there was a second, and the motion passed.

Agenda Item: Discussion of applicant Lacy Rice’s proposal 120210070 to the Montgomery County Planning Board that includes the possible subdivision plan for parts of Windsor Place and Brookville Road

Section 5 residents Lacy and Lisa Rice, along with Eric Tidd from Cas Engineering, led a discussion regarding a proposed subdivision project for parts of several properties on Brookville Road that back up to Windsor Place. The purpose of the meeting was to explain the proposed project to the Council and answer questions from Section residents. The project was initiated by the Rices who own all the properties proposed for subdivision. The proposal would create a buildable residential lot at the end of Windsor Place and make small adjustments to property lines on adjacent properties. A map of the proposal is included with the minutes. Many Windsor Place residents were on the phone call and asked questions about the proposal. Mr. Tidd indicated that the final proposal has not yet been submitted to Montgomery County Planning Board. The MCPB is in charge of zoning laws in Section 5. Once the plan is complete and submitted to the County, the plan will be circulated to all residents for review, and there will be an additional discussion at a later Council meeting. All residents will be notified in advance.

Agenda Item: Residents comments

There were no resident comments.

Agenda Item: Composting Discussion

At the September meeting, Councilmember Giordano asked about the possibility of the Section offering and paying for a composting service for its residents. The Council was interested and asked for more information. Councilmember Giordano shared the potential cost estimates and answered various logistical questions. After the discussion, it was proposed that the Section 5 Council proceed with a composting program. Councilmember Luongo made the motion; there was a second, and the motion passed.

Agenda Item: Monthly Financial Report

The Town Manager presented an overview of the Section’s current financial status, and entertained questions from the Council.

Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

-The Manager noted that there were two approved tree removal permits since the September meeting.

-The Manager noted there were two approved building permits since the September meeting.

-The Manager said that the Section had received 34 resident requests for private trees as part of the annual Free Tree Planting program. The Section will also plant seven new Town trees.

-The Manager said that Section 5 received a snow removal proposal from Rolling Acres for the 2020-2021 winter season. The Section has used Rolling Acres for snow removal for several years. The new proposal shows the same fee schedule and only a minimal price increase on one service. The Manager recommends agreeing to the proposal. The Council agreed, and the Manager will notify Rolling Acres.

- The Manager provided a brief introduction to a new County proposal called Thrive Montgomery 2050. It is a General Plan for Montgomery County with a 30-year horizon. It sets out a vision for the County and encompasses broad, county-wide policy recommendations for land use, housing, the economy, equity, transportation, parks and open space, the environment, historic resources, urban design and arts and culture. These recommendations will provide guidance for future master plans, county and state capital improvement processes, and other public and private initiatives that influence land use and planning in the County. The County has asked for input from the municipalities. Given the length and expansiveness of the Plan, the Chevy Chase municipalities believe it would be most effective and efficient to join together in reviewing. The Town of Chevy Chase will host a meeting on October 19. The Town Manager will attend and report back.

-The Manager announced that Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services released guidelines for Halloween recommending that people skip trip-or-treating this year and opt for virtual or socially distanced events due to COVID-19.

-The Manager recently met with Montgomery County storm drain officials. They used a camera to check the drains on Underwood, Williams, Woodbine, and Glendale. They confirmed they are in good working order.

-In response to a resident inquiry, the Manager asked State Highway Administration officials to test the pedestrian crossing light on Connecticut Avenue between Woodbine and Williams. They sent someone out and report that the crossing light is functioning properly.


Chairman Chernack adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held November 10, 2020, at 7:30 PM via conference call. Everyone is welcome.