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Date: January 13, 2015

Place: 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Village Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Tim Hanlon, Frances L. Higgins, Scott Livingston, Nancy Pines, Chris Richardson, 4 Section 5 residents

Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Tim moved that the minutes from the Dec. 9, 2015, Council meeting be accepted as revised; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Citizens' Concerns

    An Underwood St. resident asked about the cost of the Land Survey. He was concerned about the reason for the survey and its cost. He was surprised that the County is not able to provide a map which shows the metes and bounds for Section 5. Chris explained that Section 5 does not know where its metes and bound are located and that a municipality should know where its metes and bounds are located. The manager said that she has encountered several situations in her time as manager in which there was some question about just where Section 5's town line is located. In each situation she employed a surveyor to determine the exact location of Section 5's town line. The manager has posted a notice in each Council Agenda beginning more than a year ago that the Council would discuss the Land Survey at the next Council meeting.

    As a result of these situations and the fact that Section 5 does not know the location of its metes and bounds she recommended that the Council agree to conduct a land survey of the entire town.

    The manager will contact the manager of Martin's Additions and determine the questions which its Council entertained before deciding to employ an engineering firm to conduct a complete land survey.

  3. Agenda Item: Update of Section 5 Land Survey, Dan Schriever, AMT engineer

    Dan will attend the February Council meeting and provide a final report on the Land Survey. He will also be prepared to answer the questions which the Council and residents have prepared concerning the Land Survey.

  4. Agenda Item: Discussion Concerning the Installation of New Street Signs in Section 5

    The manager provided a picture of the sign posts and the street name signs for the new street signs in Section 5 to each Council member. These signs will be manufactured by Capital Street Scapes in Austin, Texas. Each post will have a stop sign that measures 24" x 24". Each post including the stop sign will cost $735. These posts and street signs will be loden green.

    Someone asked why the Council had decided to install new sign posts. Scott said that the impetus was a matter of aesthetics.

    There will be a total of 28 sign posts and street signs with stop signs attached. The signs will cost $20,580. FSM, a sign post installer from Frederick, Maryland, will charge $7000 to install the sign posts and $420 to haul away the old signs.

    Scott asked about the warranty for the stop signs as well as the aluminum posts. The manager will report at the next meeting.

    There was some discussion about installing these signs before the engineer has resolved the metes and bounds issues.

    The Council decided to postpone the installation of these signs until the metes and bounds issues have been resolved.

  5. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided a copy of the revenues and expenditures for the FY 2015. All the expenditures are within the budget.

  6. Agenda Item: Building Inspector’s Report

    Permit granted:
    Permit was granted for a fence along the west side of the property at 3826 Woodbine St.; the owner will leave a three foot buffer from the new fence to the public sidewalk along Conn. Ave. The owner must plant hedges in this three foot buffer.

  7. Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

    The manager said that the invoices for both Stein Sperling and Bolt law firms are to cover the cost of the negotiations with Comcast on behalf of Section 5 which these two law firms provided. Chris said that these two invoices should be paid; however, Scott will contact Ron Bolt to get a description of the legal services which David Podolsky and Ron Bolt provided at the negotiations with Comcast.

    The Council analyzed the data from the traffic survey which was conducted by AMT during the month of January and decided that the results of this survey did not warrant the Council taking any action regarding the speed and volume of traffic in Section 5.

    Mitchell Dolin, a Brookville Rd. property owner, contacted the Council and asked the Council to eliminate Outlot A that runs through his properties. This Outlot A was dedicated to Section 5 at such time as it was deemed necessary by Section 5 for an extension of Windsor Place. The Council asked the manager to contact Mr. Dolin and ask him to contact two of the abutting property owners, James McKay and Milo Coerper. Mr. Dolin contacted the manager and said that he did not want to "bother" Mr. McKay. The Council decided that it would not pursue the matter further.

    The State has begun requiring municipalities to complete forms which list the HUR monies from the State and give an accounting of how the municipality has spent these monies.

    The manager will determine when the County police contract will expire. The manager will call Dan Gezari and tell him the cost of the police contract for FY15 and also how many hours the police will spend in Section 5 for FY2015.

    The manager will purchase a new public trash container that will be installed at the corner of Conn. Ave. and Leland St.

  8. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Scott moved that the meeting be adjourned; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

    The next Council meeting will be held Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue at 7:30 PM. The Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.