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Date: February 12, 2013

Place: Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Ave.

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Peter Gray; Tim Hanlon; Frances L. Higgins; Nancy Pines; Chris Richardson; Greg White; 4 Section 5 residents, Lara, a landscape architect

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Peter moved that the January 8, 2013, Council minutes be approved as revised; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Renewal of Supplemental Police Patrols Contract

    The County has not as yet presented Section 5 a final contract for supplemental police patrols 2012/13. Chevy Chase View and Kensington have not decided to sign a contract with the County for the patrols because they have not seen the new contract. Police patrols are continuing to monitor Section 5's street under the terms of the old contract.

    The manager will call her contact with the County and determine the status of the contract.

  3. Agenda Item: Discussion of Painting Stripes at Intersections

    There was some discussion about the locations where the crosswalks will be installed. It was stated that the Council considers the installation of crosswalks at intersections to be a safety issue.

    The crosswalks will be installed at each of the intersections of Section 5's streets with both Connecticut Ave. and Brookville Rd. There will be an additional one on Leland Court at its terminus at Leland St.

  4. Agenda Item: Discussion of Installing Additional Street Lamps

    It was suggested that Section 5 wait until it can obtain LED lamps before it invests in additional lamps on the poles which do not presently have lamps. A resident from Windsor Place said that she had contacted some of the residents on her street about the need for an additional light on her street. A Williams Ln. resident said that there are residents on Williams Ln. who do not want additional lights. There was some discussion about adding lights.

    The Council decided to send a letter to the residents on Williams Ln., Windsor Pl., and Leland Ct. This letter has a survey tear-off portion on which residents may express their opinions about adding additional street lamps. The Manager will tally the results of the survey and then the Council will make a decision about adding the lamps.

  5. Agenda Item: Citizen's Concerns

    A Thornapple St. resident said that she would like to have the Council reimburse her for the cost of replacing the driveway apron and the public sidewalk blocks at her house which she installed two years ago. Her husband presented a bill at an earlier Council meeting but the Council asked her contractor to present an itemized bill. She presented an itemized bill.

    The Council decided to review the itemized bill and get back to the resident at a later date.

  6. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report/Discussion of Budget 2013/14

    The treasurer presented the Council members with a work sheet on which to create the FY 2013-14 budget.

    The following items are the figures which the Council decided for the new budget:

    Revenues: income tax $340,000; interest income $5,000; TV cable fee $2,000; holiday gratuity fund $3,000; building permit fee $1,000; highway user fee $6,000; miscellaneous income $1,500, TOTAL $358,500

    Expenditures: gratuities $5,000; police $30,000; personnel & admin. $62,250; community activities $10,000; cable TV $2,000; dues, mtgs. & membership $4,000; insurance $1,500; miscellaneous $1,000; office & printing $12,000; professional fees $15,000; snow removal $12,000; leaf collection & disposal $12,000; lighting $10,000; streets $30,000; trash & recycle $65,000; tree work $30,000; landscaping $8,000; capital improvements fund $11,000. TOTAL $320,750.

  7. Agenda Item: Discussion of Legal Contract with New Law Firm 2013/14

    Ronald M. Bolt, an attorney, with Stein Sperling Law Firm notified Section 5 that he was leaving that firm and will be employed by Thomas Schild Law Group. He has sent a copy of a contract for Section 5's Council to sign to employ Mr. Bolt as its legal representative. There was some discussion. It was stated that Section 5's Council has not in the past signed a contract with a law firm designating it as Section 5's legal representative. In the past the Council has engaged a lawyer on an ad hoc basis.

    The Council decided to notify Mr. Bolt that it will not sign the letter designating him as Section 5's legal representative.

  8. Agenda Item: Discussion of Moving Section 5's Records Residing with Stein Sperling Law Firm to Thomas Schild Law Group

    Ronald M. Bolt has notified Section 5 that he has left Stein Sperling Law Firm and will be employed by Thomas Schild Law Group. He has sent Section 5 a letter authorizing him to transfer Section 5's files from Stein Sperling Law Firm to Thomas Schild Law Group, his new employer. There was some discussion.

    The Council decided to authorize Ronald Bolt to transfer Section 5's files from Stein Sperling Law Firm to Thomas Schild Law Group.

  9. Agenda Item: Discussion of CPR Course for Section 5 Residents

    Craig Pernick has offered to conduct a CPR course for Section 5 residents without charge in exchange for a contribution by Section 5 to B-CC Rescue Squad. Craig has not as yet gotten back to the Council about the particulars of such a course. The manager will contact Craig.

  10. Agenda Item: Building Inspector's Report

    Permits issued:
    3517 Leland St. - small 2 story addition in rear
    7111 Brookville Rd. - demolition of entire house

  11. Manager's Report

    The Council has given the manager permission to attend the MML Convention in Ocean City in June 2013. The manager suggested the Council change the Charter to move the Annual Meeting date from the first Tuesday in April to the first Tuesday in May. The first Tuesday in April sometimes conflicts with Passover and the public school spring vacation. She also suggested that voting time be changed from 7:00 - 9:00 PM to 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Peter suggested two additional potential changes to the Charter for discussion at the March Council meeting.

    The Council will discuss these two proposed changes at the March meeting.

    A resident contacted the manager about a local band which has friends of her's as members. She has asked the manager if Section 5 would engage this local band for the Sept. block party. The resident will get back to the manager with the cost.

  12. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Peter adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Ave., March 12, 2013, at 7:30 pm. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.