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Section 5 Activities Requiring a Permit

A permit from the Town Manager is required before proceeding with the following activities:

  1. Tree Removal
      -The Town arborist will review all trees before removal
        -Exceptions are made for trees smaller than a certain circumference
  2. Building
      -Erecting any new one
        -Any addition that changes the existing footprint or exterior three-dimensional boundaries of a structure
          -Demolishing any building in whole or in part
  3. Changes to Town Right of Way – including but not limited to:
              -Grassy strip between sidewalk and street
                -Front-yard hedges
                  -Retaining walls
                    -Irrigation systems
  4. Impervious surfaces over 100 square feet – including but not limited to:
      -Any off-street parking including driveways, and driveway aprons
        -Patios, pool decks, and walkways
          -Pools, hot tubs, tennis court, and basketball court
            -Activities that change the flow of downspout discharge
  5. Sump pump installation, or changes to an existing sump pump flow
  6. Excavating or re-grading more than 100 square feet of yard
  7. Sheds or garages
  8. Fences and Walls
      -New construction
        -Repairs to an existing fence or wall
          -Replacing more than 25% of a fence
            -Includes electric dog fences
  9. Dumpsters or Temporary Storage Units.
  • Construction Activity that blocks or closes a street
  • Failure to comply with these permit requirements may result in a fine, suspension or revocation of a permit, or other administrative sanctions.