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Date: June 11, 2013

Place: Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Ave.

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Peter Gray, Tim Hanlon, Frances L. Higgins, Nancy Pines, Chris Richardson, Greg White, 2 Section 5 residents

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Peter moved that the May 14, 2013, Council meeting minutes be approved as revised; there was a second and the motion passed unanimously

  2. Agenda Item: Renewal of Supplemental Police Patrols Contract

    The County has presented Section 5 a new contract for supplemental police patrols. The contract states that the number of hours will be twenty (20) hours per week. The Council budgeted for 32 hours per month, therefore, the Council changed the number of hours in the contract to read thirty-two (32) hours per month rather than twenty (20) hours per week. The Council also entered the date for the contract to read June 11, 2013.

    The manager initialed the date entered and the change of number of hours. She also signed the contract for Section 5. She will mail the contract to Mr. Timothy Firestine, Chief Administrative Officer for the County. The manager will ask the patrols to spend the greatest allotment of their time monitoring traffic during morning and evening rush hours

  3. Agenda Item: Discussion of a Survey of Section 5's Boundaries.

    A resident on Leland St. has asked the Council to remove a tree which is in the public strip in front of his house because he believes that the tree is dying. The tree has some dead wood and is covered in ivy There is some question as to the ownership of this tree because the eastern boundary of this resident's lot is the eastern boundary of Section 5. It is not certain if the tree is inside Section 5's boundaries. The manager would like to have a survey performed to determine if the tree is within Section 5's boundaries; however; such a survey would cost $3,000. The manager would like to have a survey performed of the boundaries of all of Section 5 which would provide the boundary for each resident's lot and its relationship to the Section 5' boundaries. Such a survey could cost $47,000.00. There was some discussion.

    The manager will ask Mark Peyton to remove the ivy and dead wood from the tree at 3802 Leland St. She will also locate at least two other surveying companies and get bids to perform a complete survey of Section 5 and present the bids at the September Council meeting. She will contact the Leland St. resident and tell him that the Council will discuss if it will engage a surveying company to survey all of Section 5 and thus determine the ownership of the tree in front of his house.

  4. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report/Discussion of tax Credit for Section 5 Residents

    Tim provided the Council members with a copy of revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year to date. He explained that each expenditure item is within the budget or below except for landscaping and street lighting. Landscaping has gone over budget because some residents have asked to have liriope planted in the public strip in front their house. Street lighting has exceeded the budget because the Council voted to install new street lamps on Williams Lane, Leland Court and Windsor Place.

    Tim also provided the Council with a copy of the figures which show the amount of revenues that will be left over June 30 2013, which is the end of this fiscal year. There was some discussion if the Council should provide a property tax credit for this fiscal year.

    The Council voted unanimously to give a property tax credit to each of Section 5's 225 residences and 1 restaurant of $900.00. The manager will contact the County finance office and state that Section 5's Council has voted to give a property tax credit of $900.00 to each of Section 5's 225 residences and 1 restaurant for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. She will send a flyer notifying Section 5's residents of this property tax credit of $900.00.

  5. Agenda Item: Building Inspector's Report

    There were no building permits issued this month.

  6. Agenda Item: Manager's Report

    Pepco has removed seventeen (17) trees in Section 5 as part of its effort to protect the electric wires from falling limbs or trees. Pepco will not grind the stumps; thus Section 5 will need to bear the cost of grinding the stumps. Peter provided the manager with a list of stump grinding companies; she contacted these companies and received three bids for the stump removals. The lowest bid was from Mark Peyton's son's company, Lees's Tree Service for $3,200.00.

    The Council decided to award the stump grinding contract to Lee's Tree Service. The manager will contact Lee's Tree Service and let him know that he has the contract. She will also call the other companies who provided a bid and tell them that Lee's Tree Service has been awarded the contract.

    The manager will contact the Town of Chevy Chase and determine if its Council is sending a letter to the County Council opposing the increased building height and density which the Chevy Chase Land Company is requesting at Chevy Chase Lake. The manager will obtain a copy of the Town's letter and provide Section 5's Council a copy of this letter.

    The manager will place a notice in the September newsletter asking residents to clean up after their dogs.

    The manager will send a copy of the proposed Charter and regulations changes to the residents with the September agenda.

    The manager has discovered a sink hole in the public strip in front of 3805 Thornapple St. NZI will fill this sink hole with a mixture of gravel and cement; the company will also repair the damaged sidewalk blocks in Section 5. Peter's driveway apron has been repaired by WSSC.

    The manager has identified all the public strips which contain trees that have been overmulched. She sent a letter asking the residents to remove the mulch next to the base of the tree.

    The manager bought lunch for the Village of Chevy Chase's staff and policemen as a thank you for using the Village's meeting room for Section 5's Council meetings.

  7. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Peter adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 7:30 pm at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Ave. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.