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Date: February 10, 2015

Place: 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Village Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Tim Hanlon, Scott Livingston, Chris Richardson, Greg White; Section 5 residents; John Higgins took minutes for Frances L. Higgins because Frances was out of town.

  1. AGENDA ITEM: Minutes

    Chris called the meeting to order. Greg moved that the minutes for the January 13, 2015, Council Meeting be approved as revised. Scott seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

  2. AGENDA ITEM: Citizens' Concerns

    Greg presented materials from the Alzheimer's Association. He said that he is on the Board for the Alzheimer's Association's local chapter and recommended that Section 5 support the Associations's work. He suggested that Section 5 sponsor an informational meeting on the basics of Alzheimer's and how to identify symptoms of the disease for Section 5's residents that would be run by the professionals at the Association. This meeting could be sponsored with other Chevy Chase municipalities. The Association in Alexandria, Virginia, sponsored a similar meeting.

    There was some discussion.

    Chris said that he would support an information meeting if Greg wanted to organize it. Greg said that he would make plans to arrange the meeting in the next two months, and coordinate with Frances on the details.

  3. AGENDA ITEM: Update of Section 5 Land Survey

    Dan Schriever, an AMT engineer, presented a briefing concerning the status of the land survey which his engineering company has completed of the metes and bounds of Section 5. Dan distributed copies of his draft report (a map of Section 5 with markers noted). These markers show the right of way for the streets of Section 5.

    The survey team from AMT has ordered the markers and they will be installed as soon as they are delivered. These markers will serve to show the rights of way of Section 5. They also could serve as base markers for any surveys which Section 5 may need in the future.

    Scott questioned why sidewalks were not shown on the draft maps. Mr. Schriever explained that the project for which his firm was hired was to show the "rights of way", but not specifically where in the rights of way, sidewalks, streets or other features lie. Peter Gray, former Board Chair, asked whether the Board members who were on the Council when the project was agreed to had this same understanding of the definition of project. Chris replied that it was. No contrary views were expressed.

    Copies of all the working papers will be supplied to Section 5 at the completion of the survey.

  4. AGENDA ITEM: Installation of New Street Signs in Section 5

    John Higgins reported on the warranty questions posed by the Council. The poles have a one year factory warranty and the street signs have a 10 year warranty.

  5. AGENDA ITEM: Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided the Council with the most recent Income/Expense report. He noted that all the Income and Expense items are within Section 5's planned budget for FY 2014/15.

    There was some discussion concerning the FDIC insurance levels on CD's. Resident, Steve Malphrus, advised the Council that the cap on CD's was raised from $100,000 to $250,000. John reported that Section 5's CD's are spread through a number of local banks and all are well under the FDIC cap.

  6. AGENDA ITEM: Building Inspector’s Report

    No building permits were granted during the month of February 2015.

  7. AGENDA ITEM: Manager’s Report

    Tim, Greg and Nancy's Council seats are up for election May 5, 2015, at the Annual Meeting.

    The Contract which Section 5 has with the County for Supplemental Police Patrols will continue until either the County or Section 5 decide to withdraw from the contract.

    The State legislature has introduced HB113 and HB114 which will raise the amount for which the municipalities may be sued. The manager has contacted someone at MML and asked if MML plans to oppose these two bills. The person at MML said that MML will oppose these two bills.

    John asked the Council to allow Frances to purchase a new computer. Section 5's present computer was purchased in 2009.

    The Council unanimously approved the purchase of a new computer; the price will not exceed $1,000.

  8. Adjournment

    Chris adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held March 10, 2015, at 7:30 PM at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue. The Village Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.