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Date: December 9, 2014

Place: 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Village Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Present: Tim Hanlon, Frances L. Higgins, Scott Livingston, Chris Richardson, Greg White; one Section 5 resident

Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Agenda Item: Minutes

    Chris moved that the November 11, 2014, Council meeting minutes be approved as revised; Tim seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

  2. Agenda Item: Update of Section 5's Land Survey by Dan Schriever AMT engineer with Exelon

    Dan Schriever has not completed the Section 5 survey of the entire town because there are three areas of discrepancy between the metes and bounds description and the tax map. Susan Stancik, an AMT engineer, sent a map of Section 5 with these three areas of discrepancy noted on the map.

    Dan Schriever will attend the January 13 Council meeting and explain these areas of discrepancy as well as present the result of the Section 5 survey.

  3. Agenda Item: Discussion Concerning Installation of New Street Signs in Section 5

    There was some discussion about the best place to install the new street signs, the stop signs and the speed limit signs. It was suggested that an engineer be engaged to designate the proper placement of the signs so that the signs will aid motorists in navigating Section 5 streets safely.

    Scott moved that the Council engage a traffic engineer to designate the best placement of the new signs and the cost is not to exceed $30,000.00. There was a second and the motion passed unanimously.

  4. Agenda Item: Discussion of Section 5's Donation Policy

    In 2009 Section 5's Council included a budget item for donations to charitable organizations. There were some residents who objected to giving public tax dollars to charitable organizations; therefore, at the Sept 13, 2011, Council meeting the Council voted that it would no longer make regular annual charitable donations and grants on behalf of its residents and it rescinded the contributions policy approved by the Council on November 10, 2009.

    There was some discussion that the Council could make contributions to charitable organizations on a one time basis. The manager will contact Craig Pernick, a Williams Lane resident who works for the Rescue Squad, and ask him if he has a specific contribution request for the Rescue Squad.

  5. Agenda Item: Discussion of Section 5's Position Concerning Pepco's Merger with Exelon

    The Maryland Municipal League Montgomery County Chapter under Roger Berliner's aegis sent a letter to the Maryland Public Service Commission supporting the Coalition for Utility Reform. Even though Section 5 is a member of the Maryland Municipal League it was not given an opportunity to review the materials submitted by the Coalition; therefore, Section 5's Council has not taken a position on the demands outlined within the Coalition's petition as they pertain to the proposed merger of Pepco and Exelon.

    Chris will write a letter to the Maryland Public Service Commission advising it that Section 5 does not support the efforts of the Coalition for Utility Reform.

  6. Agenda Item: New Snow Plowing Company

    Mark Peyton because of health reasons will no longer be able to plow snow for Section 5 in the winter of 2014/15. The manager has located a company, Rolling Acres Landscape, Co., which has agreed to plow snow for Section 5 during the winter of 2014/15 for $10.00 more per hour than Mark charged.

  7. Agenda Item: Treasurer's Report

    Tim provided a financial report which included both the revenues and expenditures from July 1, 2014 to November 30, 2014 for each Council member. All the expenditure items are within the budget. The State income tax check for November 30, 2014 was for $304,134.35 whereas the check for November 30, 2013 was for $190,066.82. This is one of the largest checks which Section 5 has ever received from the State for income tax.

  8. Agenda Item: Building Inspector’s Report

    Permit granted:
    A building permit was granted to 7111 Brookville, Inc to build 2 new houses; one house at 7111 Brookville Rd. and another at 7110 Brookville Rd.

  9. Agenda Item: Manager’s Report

    Greg asked the manager to contact the engineer at AMT who conducted the volume and speed survey in Section 5 and get a copy of the raw data for motorists who were traveling at or above 25 mph. She will send this data to the Council.

    Mitchell Dolin, property owner of 7311 and 7309 Brookville Rd., sent the Council an email asking that the Council allow Mitchell Dolin (solely at his expense) a corrected record plat that eliminates the note stating that Outlot A be dedicated to Section 5 for the extension of Windsor Place.

    There was some discussion whether Section 5 should relinquish its right to this Outlot A.

    The manager will contact Mitchel Dolin and ask him to contact the McKays (P428) and the Coepers (P429) about his proposed action regarding Outlot A. She will report to the Council at the next meeting.

    Mark Peyton vacuumed the leaves the last time Monday, Dec. 8. The town looks great.

    The manager would like to have a function to allow Section 5's residents an opportunity to say thanks to Mark for he has done for Section 5 over the years. The manager will contact Mark's wife and asked if this is permissible. If it is permissible, Section 5's web master will set up an email account for Mark at the town's expense.

    Alan Beal, the person who reviews Section 5's building permits, will no longer work for Section 5. He has recommended Joe Toomey to review the building permits. The manager is in contact with Joe Toomey to discuss the cost of employing Joe to review building permits.

    The State Highway Administration has notified Section 5 that it must complete a form for SHA. This form will include the amount of money which the State has given to Section 5 for road repairs in 2014 and also how Section 5 has spent this money.

  10. Agenda Item: Adjournment

    Chris adjourned the meeting. The next Council meeting will be held Tuesday, January 13, 2015, at the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue at 7:30 PM. The Hall has handicapped access. Everyone is welcome.