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Building Permit Procedure

Obtaining a Section 5 building permit is a three-part procedure.
  1. Obtain a letter of acknowledgment from Section 5 to Montgomery County. (Montgomery County will not process your building permit application without first receiving a letter from Section 5.)
  2. Obtain a Montgomery County building permit.
  3. Obtain a Section 5 building permit.

To obtain a letter of acknowledgment from Section 5, the first step in any construction project (whether an addition, a demolition, a fence, etc.) is to inform the Town Manager of your proposed project by email or phone.

You will then be asked to fill out a Building Permit Application (found under Activities Requiring A Permit) and submit it to the Town Manager along with a preliminary set of building plans and proposed changes that include the following:

  • A full set of 24” x 36” architectural plans
  • A site plan of existing and proposed improvements
  • A Sediment Control / SWM plan (when relevant)
  • A completed Section 5 Building Permit Application

If necessary, the Town Manager or Building Administrator will contact the applicant to discuss the information submitted. Once a brief review is conducted, and the plans are conceptually accepted, Section 5 will then issue a standard letter to Montgomery County confirming our municipality’s awareness of your plans. Please note: The letter of acknowledgment from Section 5 does NOT constitute permission to start your project, but only that you have been authorized by the Section to pursue a permit from Montgomery County.

Once you have applied, and been issued a permit from Montgomery County, you must come back to Section 5 for one last review. We ask that you submit one full-size, stamped (by Montgomery County) set of the plans - it can be a copy. Two copies of the site plan, signed and stamped by the engineer and architect, and when applicable, sediment control / SWM plans - also stamped by Montgomery County. An electronic version to the Town Manager is also appreciated. The Building Administrator will provide a final review, and once approved and any fees applicable are received, the Town Manager will issue a signed Section 5 building permit.